How to Stay Connected to a Team that Can’t Meet Often

How to Stay Connected to a Team that Can’t Meet Often

Posted on September 14, 2016

The nature of our business prevents us from meeting as a staff frequently.  Since we’re largely an event services company, most of our staff spends a lot of time on the road.

But we don’t let this hinder our productivity or our team culture.

Some tips to stay connected to a remote team:

  • Provide opportunities to meet up. Office parties? Lunch and learns? Retreats? These are all great ways to keep your team connected and updated on each other’s work and personal lives.
  • Keep the team updated. Whether it’s a weekly email, a conference call, or a video chat, keep the entire team updated on internal happenings. This is a great way to keep everyone engaged, no matter how far away they may be. Also use this time to call out wins or breakthroughs for your team.
  • Use a chat tool. Tools like Slack and Google Chat/Hangouts give employees the opportunity to chat about anything from fun things to business happenings. Keep communication constant and open, and your team won’t even notice how much distance stands between them.
  • Implement regular check-ins. Check-ins are important in any company, but they’re absolutely vital in a company that may not get to meet together very often. Check in with each team member one-on-one at least monthly in order to ensure their satisfaction and engagement. This is also a great way to make sure you’re doing all you can as a leader.

Staying connected comes down to one important thing: communication. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Your employees will thank you.