4 Ways to Live Out Company Values at Work

4 Ways to Live Out Company Values at Work

Posted on November 9, 2016

We’re big on company culture.

We’ve worked hard to make sure the culture at Velocity Productions is one that reflects our value of people over profit.

That may sound crazy to some companies, but that’s the way our team stays motivated and encouraged to do our best.

The way we do it is by uniting over our company values. If this idea of putting your people first is foreign to you, let me explain how you can begin implementing these changes:

  1. Communicate the “why.” Company values mean nothing to your team unless they understand the “why” behind them. Why did you land on these values? Why are they important to you individually and to the entire company?
  2. Hire people whose values are aligned with the company’s. If an employee’s values don’t match up with your company’s values, it will be extra tough to unite your team and fuel your culture. You want different people who can bring unique perspectives to the team, but you also need a set of fundamental values to unite over.
  3. Take time for your team. Preaching values to your team over and over won’t take your team anywhere, so make sure you’re showing them how to live out your values instead. Consider fun culture activities (both during and outside of work) that might help them better understand how to live out values and how to prioritize your company culture.
  4. Thrive on feedback. Welcome questions, comments, and recommendations from every employee in your company. If one of your values (or the communication of your values) needs to change, welcome this change with an open mind. As long as you’re ultimately putting your employees first, this part will come easily.

At the end of the day, taking a few steps to encourage your employees and implement a strong company culture will help fuel every other aspect of your business. We speak from experience when we say happy, valued employees are the best employees.